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The Transformationist
Samir Selmanović

We're creating a place where we help each other do our life's work

Nourish yourself. Befriend the unknown. Do your thing.


Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced guide in leading yourself and others through change, The Transformationist community is here to help you double down on who you are and do what you know needs to be done in the world. 


Here's what we are up to...

We need some radically new skills these days. When change and uncertainty are the air we breathe, befriending the unknown is the grounding human ability, critical for our vocations, relationships, and spirituality.

While change is inevitable, transformation is optional. We become transformationists as we learn to step into, befriend, and then delight in the unknown. So, if you want to practice transformation and help others on their way, this might be a place to do it. 

We're bringing together coaches, influencers, activists, teachers, artists, parents, community designers, and other change-makers to learn to see differently and walk the path of personal and communal transformation so that together we can love people and the planet with more presence, energy, and success!

That is a mouthful. And a heartful. To break it down a bit:

  • If you feel drained by religion, career, or consumption, and want to see the sacred in your work and everyday life, you may find ways to see things differently here. 

  • If you are looking for answers that you can’t google, that dogmas obscure, and corporate workshops ignore, you are in the right place. Here, we are learning to live a life greater than what we can control. 

  • If you want to find and value your voice and fulfill the promises you make to your family, friends, clients, colleagues, or followers, this could be a tribe where you can take some risks.

It's exciting, I know.

Choose your plan to join and we'll help each other.

I’m happy you are here, 



We believe community is the best way to:

  • Search and find what we need to know
  • Learn with ease and joy
  • Navigate a rapidly changing world
  • Build new habits
  • Make new friends
  • Persist through challenges

We also believe stuff like this:

  • The other world is in this world
  • You know more than you are aware of
  • Every human can be a mystic
  • Every life changes everything
  • Justice and joy go together
  • We, actually, do have time 
  • + your cherished belief here (We can't wait to find out!)

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Learn fresh and useful concepts and practices of human transformation.
  2. Find insight and inspiration in growing-edge content provided by Samir and people like you.
  3. Have conversations you need to have to make better, more considered decisions and more authentic choices about the things that are important to you.
  4. Experience your unique presence and artistry in your relationships and your work.
  5. Find support to make your mind, heart, and work more visible and impactful in the world. 


Will this be too spiritual? Or too corporate? 

We will bypass both spiritual and corporate lingo (there are easier ways to talk about "manifesting abundance" or "mission-critical strategy"), helping us each focus on the conversation that each of us needs to have with reality. We are after common, clear, and direct language. Our own lives will be our authority.

How will we communicate? 

The Transformationist is a membership-based community you can access via desktop or a phone app (which is ah-mazing)! Communication is fully customizable by you, so you can banish overwhelm and hit your sweet spot

What happens during the first three months of 2022?

If you are reading this, you are an invitee to become a founding member. Help us create this by joining us now before March 7, 2022. After a couple of months of learning, we will improve, and you will have the option to continue your membership.

What else happens here? 

To help you thrive through your particular interests and commitments, later this year we will offer optional groups or courses such as: 

  • Mystic Turn (becoming ordinary mystics)
  • The Kitchenhood (mindful cooking, hosting, and rituals)
  • Word Yoga (transformational poetry and texts)  
  • The Sacrament (joyful and generative justice) 

What's the cost?

The price of membership is $10 monthly or, even better, $99 annually. As a thank you for JOINING US BEFORE MARCH 7, you get the initial month for free, so you have time to check it out. 


Samir Selmanović, Ph.D. is an Ordinary Mysticism guide who helps people thrive professionally, relationally, and spiritually by finding ease and the sacred in their own life.

As a coach, retreat leader, and guide, he holds a space of witness where corporate leaders, coaches, influencers, artists, and other transformationists can learn to trust themselves and cross their important thresholds.

Selmanović is a storyteller and he does have stories to tell. New York Times

The obvious truth must be made even more obvious, and this is what Samir is doing for all of us. Fr. Richard Rohr 

Samir offers us the fruits of his rich experience. We need more Samirs on the planet—people of conviction and humility. Parker Palmer

Samir brings clarity, focus and spirit to the leadership journey. He 'guides from the side' — creating a powerful pull on our deepest desires to create meaningful change. He has changed the way I think about leadership and how I think about myself. ~ Michael W. Morrison, Founder of University of TOYOTA

Samir has been able to bring out hidden wisdom and courage in myself, that I hadn't been able to tap into until now. Every coaching conversation I have had with Samir ends with me feeling full of hope, clear direction and energy to accomplish what I know I was meant to do. ~ Kathryn Himes, Chief of Staff, HR Business & Employee Solutions, INTEL CORPORATION

At a retreat in Croatia, we went past unneccesarily complicated answers to what’s deeply personal and existential, each of us tackling the most perplexing issue we came with, something I've rarely seen in my long professional and personal experience. ~ Robert Manchin, Former Director, GALLUP EUROPE

"Samir is a brilliant chef and an amazing human being. He changed my experience and relationships with the food, and with that, the way I experience life. Three days with him were full of learning, delight, and surprises."~ Rod Colburn, Managing Director, GOLDMAN SACHS

I received what might have been the best coaching session of my life, a gentle and profound experience of opening followed by numerous pivots towards growing confidence and focus. ~ Patricia Morrison, Creative Professional and Business Owner, INNER FIRE OUTER LIGHT

Welcome to The Transformationist!

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